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This page is for a list of the status and planning of all wikis on the Paradox network. The listed curators are the people who have been working on the wikis in question. It is a representation of focus and not a limitation to those wikis. Inactive wikis are ones where the abuse filter has made more edits than users in the last 30 days.

Wiki Status Planned changes Curator Hits rank
EU4 Active and being updated Patch 1.23, Modding contents, Style improvements Dauth, Lillebror, SolSys, Stigni 1
Stellaris Active and being updated Patch 1.8, Style improvements KaTiON, Dauth 2
CKII Active and being updated Patch 2.8, Assessment Romulien 3
HOI4 Active and being updated Patch 1.4, Uniform country layout, Style improvements Lillebror, SolSys 4
Vic2 Inactive 5
Cities:Skylines Semi Active Patch 1.9 Dauth 6
HOI3 Inactive 7
EU3 Inactive Lillebror 8
Rome Inactive 9