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This is the central contest page for the multi-wiki contest that ran from from November 16th at 15:00 to November 30th at 20:00. All times UTC+1.

The contest can be viewed on the individual wikis:



Contest avatar

Users can enter the contest by contributing to the wiki during that time span. Various actions give raffle tickets; the more tickets one amassed, the more likely one is to win. Fixed prizes are also given out to the top three contributors by number of tickets.

The three users with the most tickets will each get a discount voucher for the Paradox Web Store. This can be used for any combination of digital goods (limited to at most one copy of each individual product) in a single transaction, but cannot be applied to physical goods:

  • 1st place gets a 90% off voucher - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets)
  • 2nd place gets a 75% off voucher - Won by Voy (444 tickets)
  • 3rd place gets a 50% off voucher - Won by AkatsukiEmpire (157 tickets)

They will also receive a special forum avatar and icon ( ). These are unique to major wiki contributors.

Further winners will be selected using a random number generator. The prizes will be drawn in the order listed below. An entrant's chance of winning is proportional to the number of tickets they've obtained. The top three contributors by number of tickets are also entered in the raffle.

A total of 24 prizes will be raffled off:

  • 6 copies of the Crusader Kings II base game (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets), Voy (444), AkatsukiEmpire (157), Gamengervi (40), Pyroclastic (32), LeSineAffame (8)
  • 6 copies of the Hearts of Iron 3 Collection (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets), Mafyozya (69), Pinpinolo (45), Whizzer (32), Austrianemporer (11), Jpapple (2)
  • 6 copies of the Victoria 2 Complete (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (516 tickets), AkatsukiEmpire (157), IoannesBarbarus (121), Witcher538 (114), Yezhanquan (58), Josh Jupiter (40)
  • 6 copies of the Age of Wonders 3 (raffled individually) - Won by Voy (444 tickets), AkatsukiEmpire (157), Arablue99 (104), Xyloz (80), Gigau (59), Flomotlomotflo (1)

It is not possible to win more than one copy of each game, but it is possible to win one of each.

Rules and guidelines

  • Moderators or administrators on each wiki decide whether a raffle ticket has been earned based on the guidelines below.
  • All entrants must register an account on the wiki; anonymous edits are not counted unless they can be clearly connected to a registered user (E.G., in cases where the user was accidentally logged out)
  • The entrant must have access to the email address they've defined for their account, as prizes will be sent via email. Note that by default the Paradox Account email address is used
  • If you have changed the email address of your Paradox Account since registering on the Paradox Wikis, you should update your email address on the wikis. Otherwise, it may take longer than normal for you to receive your prize(s) if you were to win
  • Only edits after the start of the contest count
  • Any vandalism will cause all raffle tickets earned by the entrant to be forfeit
  • Entrants should read the style guidelines in order to ensure their edits are up to the wiki's standards. Edit summaries are encouraged, but not required except where otherwise specified
  • Administrators and Moderators cannot enter the contest
  • To prevent a conflict of interest, halfops are discouraged from editing the contest pages
  • Any action on the list undertaken between the start and the end of the contest will earn tickets.

Individual wiki tickets


User Tickets earned
Flomotlomotflo 1
The Fokin 6
LeSingeAffame 4
Botlord 2


  • Tickets/tasks up to the end of the contest
User Tickets earned
Gamengervi 40
Mafyozya 69
Ghastrakun 516
Withche.07 6
Vueltaa 2
IoannesBarbarus 98
Arablue99 104
Adamgerd 13
Azhcristokos 19
Magni. 3
DarkEnergy 33
Wagonlitz 25
Pyroclastic 32.5
GuyT 1.5
CheesySnake 0.25
Holyvigil 1
Claivin 0.5
Pinpinolo 45
Happy60922 0.5
Thaif 1.5
QuantumWind 10
ThatGuyFromHighSchool 1.5
Gulaschkoenig 1.5
Armorzilla 4.5
SykNet 3
Gigau 59
Lakorta 0.5
Edwardspec 0.25
Parasite03 50
GranDuc 27
JKiller96 1.5
VonDoogles 0.25
Xyloz 80
CupCakeCat 11
AnssiA 0.25
Josh Jupiter 40
Artyom42 1
DerMaulwurf 5
Ecpgieicg 0.5


  • Tickets/tasks up to the end of the contest
User Tickets earned
Jpapple 2
Adamgerd 3
TheSurge100 4.5
SpartanB12 11
AkatsukiEmpire 157


User Tickets earned
Voy 444.25
Witcher538 114.625
Yezhanquan‎ 58.5
Whizzer 32.5
Kaeyawolf2 26.125
IoannesBarbarus‎ 23
DanLynch 21.5
Chrispim 16.75
Austrianemporer‎ 11
DC123456789 10
StarSword 10
Volphied‎ 10
MrLow‎‎ 5
Rydelfox 5
Zakzak‎‎ 4.125
LeSingeAffame 4
Pseudonym48 4
Leopard248 3
RandomBrony99 3
Loup99‎ 2.75
Larkas 2
Gcvsnlr 1.75
Zaras 1.25
BRrAk‎ 1
Nyvre‎‎ 1
RedsimonDE 1
Alphathon 0.75
El-Daddy 0.75
Enriador 0.75
Maxstel 0.75
St.Ancora‎ 0.75
Banjo Bemme 0.5
Barratry‎‎ 0.5
Poclee 0.5
Barón Rojo 0.375
Kevbo‎ 0.375
LucasG21‎ 0.25
PastaCrusade 0.25
Andykoo1990 0.125
Matihood1‎ 0.125

Total tickets