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The Paradox Wikis are dedicated to various games published by Paradox Interactive. The wikis are owned by Paradox and maintained by the community.


Magne "Meneth" Skjæran was the creator and first administrator of the wikis. The task is currently handled by SolSys. He is assisted by numerous volunteers. This is a list of those given some level of moderation ability.


Moderator is the highest level of power afforded to volunteers. They have the ability to block users, restrict editing of specific pages, roll back edits, delete pages, restore deleted pages, etc.

There are currently two moderators:


Half-ops serve as a middle-ground between moderators and regular users. They can't block users or restrict editing of pages, but they can do many of the other things moderators can.

There are currently 10 half-ops:



Paradoxian was a wiki network dedicated to various older Paradox games. At some point registration and anonymous editing was closed due to spam issues, and the owner of the wiki disappeared not long after.

With the inability for anyone except already registered users to edit the wikis, they slowly became more and more outdated.

The Victoria 2 Wiki, Europa Universalis 3 Wiki, Hearts of Iron 3 Wiki, and Europa Universalis: Rome Wiki were all cloned to the Paradox Wikis so that they could continue to be updated.

The Victoria 1 Wiki, Europa Universalis 2 Wiki, Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki, and Arsenal of Democracy Wiki were all lost when hosting for Paradoxian expired late in January 2015.